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The Problem 

The American medical system is mainly controlled by large corporations whose goals are to earn profits. Patient safety and fair and reasonable pricing are not a priority nor a legal requirement. Neither is transparency.

In addition, hospitals earn money by treating complications that result from medical errors, and the federal government doesn't track medical errors as a cause of death since they aren't recorded on death certificates.

As a result:

  • Medical errors are recognised as the third leading cause of death in our country, but there is compelling evidence they may be the number one cause of death.  They are a hidden epidemic    

  • 1 in 5 adults have experienced a medical error

  • medical errors cost our economy about $1 trillion annually, almost 1/3 of all health care costs

  • health care is 18% of our Gross Domestic Product, the highest in the world 

  • medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy


  • hospital owners and CEO’s are not held accountable for preventable deaths that occur at their facilities and are not required to inform the public or community they serve 

  • when preventable harm occurs to a hospital patient the hospital and attending physician are not legally required to, and often do not, inform the patient, accept responsibility, admit that harm has occurred, report the harm or make meaningful change 

  • ​​local media companies, in most cases, won’t investigate or report about preventable hospital deaths because they profit from hospital advertising 

  • since the information is suppressed people aren't aware of the public health threat in their local community that is causing preventable deaths and injuries, so there are no public protests

  • since the information is suppressed people have a false sense of security and trust when receiving medical treatment and they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from harm

As a result MORE people die or are bankrupted by their medical bills.
Why hasn't something been done?

​The hospital and medical industries lobby against any legislation which might reduce physical or financial harm to patients but threatens their profits or autonomy. Their budgets for lobbying are some of the best funded in the country totalling approximately $41 million in 2016. ​

In individual cases of harm which result in lawsuits, hospitals with annual profits in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars employ teams of attorneys to successfully fight all but the most egregious cases, invariably settling out of court without publicity or fanfare and requiring strict confidentiality in order to maintain an information blackout so that the community is not informed.  

What is APRA doing about this problem?  Read about it here. 


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* an extrapolation based upon an estimated 250,000 mean rate of death per year from medical errors as reported in The BMJ by Dr. Martin Makary and Dr. Michael Daniel of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.    
The Threat
Anyone who is treated in a hospital for even a minor illness or household accident can die due to the failure of our federal and state governments to deal with preventable patient harm, or be bankrupted due to exorbitant medical bills, even those with Medicare.   Read More  
 One of the fundamental 
principles of medicine:
Stunning News
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