AMERICAN PATIENT RIGHTS ASSOCIATION is an independent, nonprofit consumer organization of people for the ethical treatment of patients, who are no longer willing to accept a medical system that:
  • puts profit before patient's lives
  • allows fees to be hidden
  • allows hospitals to charge $100 for an aspirin
  • allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase the cost of their medications by 5000%
  • bankrupts people who are unable to pay unreasonable medical charges and hidden fees 
  • allows health insurers to deny life-saving medical treatment
  • allows the medical profession to police itself
  • won't revoke the licence of dangerous doctors
  • won't accept medical error as a cause of death 
  • allows surgeons to operate on two people at the same time without their knowledge or consent
  • allows a hospital inspection organization to be paid by the facilities it inspects
  • isn't transparent.

 AMERICAN PATIENT RIGHTS ASSOCIATION welcomes patients who are no longer willing to accept;

  • rushed medical examinations
  • medical records that contain false information or have been fraudulently altered  
  • the withholding of medical records or the intentional omission of information from medical records   
  • being charged for medical services or goods that were not provided
  • being charged arbitrary and capricious fees for medical goods and services
  • having no recourse with respect to medical charges 
  • having no voice in our healthcare system.

APRA was founded and is run by ordinary citizens with an extraordinary mission: to fight for safe, fair, transparent health care. 

APRA is not owned, operated or associated with any medical, hospital, pharmaceutical or health insurance organization or association.


Medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy and health insurance that is unaffordable or lacks reasonable coverage is a serious threat to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying every year* and millions more are injured due to a hidden epidemic of preventable medical harm. And it continues to worsen.

APRA was established to:

  • create a consumer movement for safe, fair, transparent health care
  • provide information and tools which can help people protect themselves and their families from physical and financial harm due to their health care 
  • promote and facilitate dialogues about safe, fair, transparent medical treatment between communities and the hospitals and other medical facilities that serve them    
  • take action to reduce preventable patient harm  
  • raise awareness and facilitate implementation of best practices to achieve a transformation in patient safety and fair medical treatment. 

APRA reflects the desire to close the gap between the health care we have and the health care we deserve by fighting the runaway corporate greed that is denying patients safe treatment, causing so much preventable harm to so many and to our country. 

To provide the leadership, education and advocacy for the right of healthcare consumers to receive safe, fair and transparent medical services and goods. 

To save lives and reduce the cost of health care.

Medical care for all that is free of preventable harm. 

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American Patient Rights Association, Inc.is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Orlando, Florida.  

The information provided in this website is not intended as medical advice of any kind. Always seek the advice of a medical professional for any health related matter. Members of APRA and other visitors to this website use the content and information provided herein at their own risk and American Patient Rights Association, Inc., its' officers, directors, advisers, employees, agents, consultants and subcontractors, accept no liability of any kind. Postings and opinions expressed on this website are the sole expression or opinion of the individual posting and not of American Patient Rights Association, Inc., its' officers, directors, advisers, employees, agents, consultants, subcontractors or any other contributor.
* Medical errors and preventable patient harm is the third leading cause of death in the United States and contributes to an estimated $800 billion—one third of all health care costs—spent each year on unneeded or inefficiently delivered care. - Dr. Peter Pronovost, Johns Hopkins Medicine Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality, one of the nation’s leading advocates for patient safety.