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Unexpected medical bills are causing over 500,000 people a year to declare bankruptcy. Many lose their homes. Some commit suicide. The medical debt typically comes from out-of-network doctors who people thought were in-network, hospital stays, or ambulance rides. 

Even people with health insurance, including Medicare, can be threatened with bankruptcy because of the doctor’s fees, operations, procedures, tests and medications that their insurance, even supplemental insurance, won’t cover.

And preventable harm in our hospitals is killing between 250,000 to 400,000 people a year and injuring millions more. This is usually the result of a misguided effort by hospitals, even “nonprofit” hospitals, to earn more profit at the expense of patient safety. And they’re not alone. Drug and medical device manufacturers, health insurers, and nursing homes are also guilty. Even the federal government is putting patients’ lives at risk. The FDA approves medications based on the influence of special interests.

We Deserve Health Care That Heals Us, Not Threatens Us

If Congress had the will to act millions of lives could be saved and millions of families could be spared the devastation of bankruptcy. But our congressmen are influenced by health care stakeholders who spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year ($514 million in 2016) lobbying to ensure that no action is taken to put patients before profits.

We Need Change

American Patient Rights Association is dedicated to empowering patients to protect their money and their lives and fighting for fair, safe, affordable healthcare. Our goal is to end the preventable physical and financial harm caused by those in the healthcare industry who put profit before patients. > Watch this video. 

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250,000 Killed   |   500,000 Bankrupt


Preventable harm and sky-high bills from medical treatment threaten all Americans, even those on Medicare. APRA is a nonprofit organization working to protect our members. Membership is now open to the public. There is no charge.


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