Statement of Independence

APRA is dedicated to advocating for safe, fair, transparent health care in the United States. We provide national leadership in patient advocacy through research, education, and collaboration.

Like most non-profit organizations, APRA approaches the private sector for funding and companies and associations may sponsor APRA initiatives. However, acceptance of corporate funding by APRA is with the understanding that APRA must maintain its objectivity and commitment to a quality result. A sponsor’s preferences regarding the design or content of APRA programs or initiatives may or may not be reflected in those programs or initiatives. Specifically, APRA does not knowingly accept funding from any source whose activities, policies, aims, or objectives contradict or are inconsistent with APRA’s, or conditioned upon any demand that is not in the best interest of patients or the American public, is dependent upon a particular result or that takes a predetermined position on any health care matter that opposes APRA’s mission or vision.

APRA may accept funding from a variety of sources including private donations, grants, and sponsorships. It is the policy of APRA to acknowledge financial or in-kind sponsorship by foundations, government entities, and corporations. APRA’s communication of sponsor’s information shall not include editorial or promotional content that promotes products or services. Unless clearly marked as sponsor-presented content, funders and sponsors may not contribute to or influence the health information or any other content of APRA’s website or any APRA communication.

APRA does not accept donations from any medical entity or system or affiliated party or entity that would result in a conflict of interest. Anonymous donations from any source over the amount of $10,000 cannot be accepted.

Sponsor funding is accepted by APRA only for activities that are consistent with APRA’s mission and vision. APRA will not have relationships with sponsors whose principles, policies, or conduct conflict with APRA values.

APRA develops and acts on policy and advocacy goals that are aligned with its mission, independent of any financial contribution or interest. Funders and sponsors may not influence the public policy and advocacy priorities of APRA.

Acceptance of corporate funds does not imply APRA’s endorsement of a sponsor’s products, services, programs, or activities. APRA does not endorse any product or service provided, marketed, or distributed by a funder or sponsor. Advertisers and sponsors may not make unsubstantiated health claims or suggest that APRA has endorsed a product or service. APRA does not provide banner advertising or pop-up window advertising.

APRA has sole and absolute discretion with respect to interpretation and enforcement of this policy and all other issues associated with funding and sponsorship on the APRA website and any other APRA communication or content. APRA reserves the right to withdraw from any partnership or collaboration if a partner is not following the agreement or operates in a way that contradicts our policies and principles.

APRA’s corporate relationships are designed and implemented to preserve trust in APRA, and the credibility and objectivity of its information, priorities, programs, and decisions. 

APRA may change this Statement at any time in its sole discretion by posting a revised Statement to the applicable APRA website.

Any information given to sponsors by APRA is bound by the APRA Privacy Statement.