What We Do


  • provides member alerts about medical services and goods that place patients at needless risk of harm, either physical or financial
  • provides tools and resources for our members  
    • that can help them protect themselves or their family from preventable harm, either physical or financial, due to their healthcare, health insurance, or medication
    • that can help if a member is harmed, either physically or financially, due to their healthcare, health insurance, or medication.
  • develops demand-side solutions to reduce preventable patient harm
  • provides information on how to successfully resolve issues with hospitals, doctors, insurers, nursing homes, etc.
  • represents patients with respect to public healthcare matters
  • promotes communications and dialogues between medical providers, facilities, and the communities they serve to improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs 
  • supports medical facilities, doctors, nurses, and others who are taking action to improve patient safety or reduce medical costs to patients
  • celebrates and honors those individuals, organizations, and institutions making healthcare safer, fairer, or transparent.

APRA also provides:

  • a platform by which people can learn about and discuss medical issues and experiences
  • a voice for patients in our fight for safe, fair, affordable, transparent health care

Our website is an aggregator and purveyor of news and information pertinent to our mission, using the most respected sources in healthcare. We believe patients should have a right to clarity, full disclosure, and honesty in all medical matters, which are too often missing from patient communications.