What We Do

APRA is dedicated to advocating for patient rights to safe, fair, transparent health care and finding solutions to preventable patient harm.


  • acts as a watchdog, exposing medical services and goods that place patients at needless risk of undue harm, including: operations and procedures, tests and imaging, equipment, medications and health insurance plans
  • provides information, tools and resources that can empower healthcare consumers to protect themselves and their families from being harmed, either physically or financially, by our medical, health insurance and pharmaceutical industries
  • develops  demand side solutions to reduce patient harm
  • represents consumers with respect to public healthcare matters
  • promotes communications between doctors, hospitals and patients to improve patient safety
  • facilitates dialogues between medical institutions and the communities they serve to improve patient safety
  • supports medical facilities, doctors, nurses and other medical workers who are taking action to  improve patient safety
  • celebrates and honors those individuals, organizations and institutions making health care more safe, fair or transparent
APRA also provides:
  • information and tools that can help if a patient experiences harm, either physical or financial
  • information about how to successfully resolve issues with hospitals, doctors, insurers, nursing homes, etc.
  • a platform by which people can learn about and discuss medical issues and experiences
  • a voice in advocacy of the right of patients to receive safe, fair, transparent health care

APRA’s website is an aggregator and purveyor of news and information pertinent to our mission. We sort through the most respected sources to bring the latest news and information on safety, fairness and transparency in healthcare to our members in a concise, easy to read format. We compile, curate, organize and condense all that is important, keeping the material simple and straight-forward so that readers can quickly access the news and information that matters the most to them.


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