Senior Safety

How Seniors Can Avoid Medical Debt

The opening of health plan enrollment plan under the Affordable Care Act has many Americans over the age of 65 thinking of and planning for their medical expenses and procedures for 2018. For many seniors,...

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At Too Many Hospitals, a Revolving Door

By Judith Graham – The New York Times.  Jessie Gruman can’t remember the number of times she’s been hospitalized for cancer. The list of the conditions she’s had over almost 40 years is daunting: from… Read More

The Pitfalls of Applying for Medicare

By Jennifer Waters, The Wall Street Journal. Lots Can Go Wrong if You’re Not Careful  Roughly 3.65 million Americans will turn 65 this year and become eligible for Medicare. But be warned: There’s nothing simple… Read More

Older Americans Hooked on Drugs

By Janet Loehrke and Peter Eisler, USA TODAY. When Betty Van Amburgh began treatment last year for her addiction to  prescription pain killers she was told to bring along all her medication. She arrived with… Read More

Medicare Fraud and Scams

From information provided by HHS Office of Inspector General. Help stop the abuse and get rewarded for your efforts.  Over 44 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare. All are at risk of being unwitting accomplices —… Read More

Medicare Signup Dangers

By Maryalene LaPonsie, U.S. News & World Report. 65-Year-Olds Need to Enroll Even If They Delay Social Security.  Open enrollment is only for those who are already enrolled in Medicare, but John Piershale, a certified… Read More