Can A Patient Refuse COVID-19 Testing

By SmithAmundsen LLC, Apr. 21, 2020. The United States has tested 3.2 million people for COVID-19, which is only about one percent of the population. It should come as no surprise that not every person

A New Item on Your Medical Bill: The ‘Covid’ Fee

A surprise charge that can take advantage of vulnerable people and possibly violate consumer protection laws. By Sarah Kliff and Jessica Silver-Greenberg, The New York Times,  Nov. 8, 2020. When Michael Hambley got the call from his

COVID Infected ER Doctor Tests Negative 3 Times

By Peter Hunt, for APRA, Aug. 12, 2020. Working on the front lines as an emergency room doctor, it isn’t a matter of if you will become infected with COVID but when.  An ER physician