Patients Are Unaware That:

Most patients are unaware that:

1) Hospital medical errors are the third leading cause of death, killing up to 440,000 people a year. Approximately 25,000 hospital patients are harmed every day;

2) Patient safety in hospitals is a problem that has grown much worse since the pandemic;

3) Medical errors happen at all hospitals every day;

4) Approximately one in four seniors who are hospitalized will be harmed by an injury or illness that is unrelated to the illness or injury they are being treated for;

5) Patient safety is not a priority at most hospitals so patients have to protect themselves from harm;

6) Medication errors and adverse drug events are a major source of harm in hospitals. Most of the active ingredients and raw materials that go into our generic prescription drugs come from Chinese sources that are not overseen by the FDA. This places all Americans at risk due to a lack of drug safety monitoring and the potential for our drug supply to be at risk;

7) Medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

8) Hospital patients can help protect themselves from harm by using the Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide app.


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