The App That Everyone Needs

The Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide app contains valuable information that everyone should have on their phone in case they, a family member or friend, need to visit a hospital due to an illness, injury, accident, or even for a scheduled outpatient procedure.

Why this App is Needed

Medical errors in hospitals have increased significantly since the pandemic due to a loss of medical personnel. They happen at all hospitals every day, resulting in between 10,000 and 20,000 incidents of harm daily, millions of injuries, many permanent, and an estimated 250,000 to 440,000 deaths a year, many after discharge. But most people don’t realize they can die in a hospital from something that has nothing to do with the injury or illness they’re being treated for, or that it’s the third leading cause of death and more than half of all cases occur during elective surgery or procedures.  

Hospitals are often understaffed and their nurses overworked. That’s when errors happen. So patients need to do whatever they can to protect themselves.

How the Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide Can Save Your Life

Any hospital patient, or their family or friends, can use this app to quickly and easily get information that can help them protect the patient from being harmed by a medical error, recognize if an error has been made or the patient is in distress and needs immediate help, and learn what to do if the patient has been harmed. Since hospitals often don’t allow the use of cell phones, having potentially lifesaving information immediately available makes this app a must. 

Download the Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide from the App Store or Google Play Store, or try the free online version.

What is included in the app:

  • how and when hospital errors happen
  • how to stop many errors from happening
  • how to know if an error was made
  • table of medical errors – cause, how to recognize, how to avoid
  • how to know if the patient is in distress and needs immediate help
  • what to do if the patient was harmed
  • when and how to report an incident of patient harm or failure to treat

.… and much more.

The Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide app was developed for patients so it is easy to use and understand. 

Try It Out

Try the free online version

Download the App

Download the Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide app from the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Please share this information with your family and friends. You could save a life.


5.0 out of 5


Easy to use and very valuable. A must for all hospital patients.


Lifesaving information!

Years ago my family lost a loved one in the hospital due to carelessness on the part of the staff. Only three years old, this child was given an accidental overdose of anesthesia. If we had had this app and this information, possibly we could have avoided this tragedy. Especially in these times when hospitals are overly crowded, this advice is indispensable.

– Thankful in OK.


Important information.

This app has all the information at your fingertips for the well-informed and proactive patient entering a confusing and complicated healthcare system. We all need to take responsibility for our healthcare outcomes and this app gives you some helpful tools.

– Mar@p 


This is a very informative document. It worked very well on my phone. It was responsive and quickly took me to good links. I was mainly reading the site for content and I was very pleased to learn a lot more than I bargained for! The way it was organized made it very easy to jump all around without getting lost. I found that as I read through the material I could follow links down rabbit holes but easily get back on track by returning to the index to link to the next topic.

I feel much better prepared to interact with a hospital.

– A. Cunningham


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