APRA Releases an App to Fight the 3rd Leading Cause of Death

Preventable medical errors happen at all hospitals every day, resulting in up to 440,000 deaths and 3.5M injuries a year, but hospitals won’t release information about their errors and the deaths that result. They also won’t inform their patients about how they can protect themselves. 

To improve patient safety and fight this epidemic of preventable harm APRA has released the Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide, which contains life-saving information about what patients can do to protect themselves. The app was developed in cooperation with leading medical experts. It has no medical language and is easy to use and understand. 

Who Should Use It and Why 

This app is for hospital patients, their families and advocates. It is to be used to help protect the patient from being harmed by a preventable medical error.  

When Should It Be Used

 The app should be used before and during any hospital stay.

Where is it Available

The Patient’s Hospital Safety Guide is available from the App Store (for iPhones) and Google Play (for Android phones) for just $4.99. All proceeds go towards developing more applications and programs to help patients save their money and their lives.

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