Saving Lives With the American Patient Rights Association

Up to 440,000 people are dying each year from preventable medical errors in hospitals, and more than 500,000 people are bankrupted by predatory medical bills. APRA is fighting to stop these preventable deaths and bankruptcies.


Start a Gofundme Fundraiser for our life-saving programs.

It’s so easy!

  1. Register at  
  2. Start a fundraiser and select fundraising for a charity. When you are asked for the name of the charity, enter American Patient Rights Association and select it when it shows on the screen.
  3. When asked how much you wish to raise, enter $1,000. 
  4. Upload a picture of yourself, your family, or someone you wish to commemorate by fundraising.
  5. Pick a title for your fundraiser.  Maybe something like Dave’s Fundraiser to Save Lives      
  6. Information will automatically be added about your fundraiser and our organization. You can change or add to it if you like. 
  7. Start sharing your fundraiser. 

Start a Gofundme fundraiser for APRA now.  100% of all donations go to support our life-saving programs, such as:

PATIENT SAFETY REPORTING SYSTEM. An incident reporting system for patients, their families, and advocates to assist patients when they are harmed by their healthcare and to assist medical facilities in improving their patient safety. Reports will be available to the public.

SAVING PATIENTS’ HOMES. A program to help people who are threatened with bankruptcy because of predatory medical bills. Many COVID patients who are hospitalized will have extraordinary bills to pay. Some hospitals that are offering COVID tests have billed people over $2000 for a single test!  

ABOUT APRA – We are an independent nonprofit organization founded and run by patients for patients, with an extraordinary mission: to fight for fair, safe, transparent healthcare. We are fighting for you and your rights to fair and safe healthcare!


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