To Vax or Not to Vax – A COVID Quiz for Anti-Vaxxers and Hesitators

MOUNT DORA, Fla. May 20, 2021 – A lot of misinformation has been circulated about the
COVID-19 vaccine. To convince people who are hesitating or refusing to get vaccinated,
the American Patient Rights Association, a nonprofit membership organization established
by patients to help people pay less for and avoid being harmed by their medical treatment,
has released a COVID quiz. It offers responses to the most common anti-vaxxer
objections to getting the vaccine.

“More people need to get vaccinated in order for our country to reach herd immunity
without the number of deaths increasing”, said Ron Liss, president of the organization.
“Unless you have an underlying health issue that prevents you from getting the vaccine
there is no good reason not to, and we’re hoping that people who are still on the fence or
refuse to get vaccinated will take our quiz and learn why they shouldn’t be so concerned.”

According to Johns Hopkins, the U.S. has had more than 33 million confirmed cases of
COVID and 587,000 deaths, the most in the world.

“People in other countries that don’t have the vaccine would do anything to get it. Since
our country now has a large supply we have the responsibility to make the best use of it”,
Liss added. “It’s widely available here and getting the jab is so quick and painless that
most people don’t even realize when it’s done. People should get it to protect their loved
ones as well as themselves. It would be horrible to get COVID and then pass it on to
someone who dies from it.”

“The sooner everyone has immunity to COVID, either by getting the vaccine or the
disease, the sooner we can all return to a normal life and not hear about it anymore. The
less risky way is to get vaccinated.”


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