I had sinus surgery in June 2013 to repair a deviated septum and sinus turbinates expanded. This was outpatient surgery. I was at the hospital for about 5 hours with no complications. Prior to my surgery I went for pre-op work and to take care of my co-pay. I paid 200.00 for my part. When I asked if my insurance was accepted I was told “yes, we accept your insurance”. However, I was not told they were out of network. Had I known that I simply would have chosen the other hospital. A few weeks ago I received a letter from an arbitration company because apparently my insurance company was disputing the bill from the hospital because they had been billed for nearly $83,000.00!! I nearly died seeing that. After making some calls I was assured that I’m not responsible for that bill because my copay was accepted. I have not received any bill so far from the surgeon or anesthesiologist .

Even though I’m not responsible for that bill I am wondering how that bill could possibly be legal? It wasn’t heart surgery or anything like that. I’m fearful of what the doctors bills are going to be but my mind is boggled on how a hospital could overcharge so ridiculously and it be legal?

CNN iReport

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