Wrong Coding Caused Overcharges

Wrong Coding Caused Overcharges

I have often been over-charged in a hospital ER as well as an inpatient. There should always be statements given or sent to patients in simple terms that are easily understood by any person not associated with the medical field. Hospitals and doctor fee’s can be double charged by using the coding systems that are in place. The average person has no way to understand these charges and I think that is the hope of the billing offices. If you are charged for a shot that you did not receive how are you going to know if it is listed under a code? There should be laws on the books to provide simple statements to all patients. The codes can be there for medical pro’s but an explanation should be beside it. One wrong key stroke can make a bill so high many people cannot pay it and a mistake is easily made. It’s not fair to put so many people in debt for things that have not been received or were coded wrong.

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