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Patient Rights in the American Healthcare System

By Trisha Torrey, from Verywellhealth. What rights do American patients have as they navigate through the American healthcare system? You have rights that are granted and enforced by law, such as the Health Insurance Portability… Read More

AHA Patient’s Bill of Rights

The AHA Patient’s Bill of Rights is only a guideline for hospitals. Americans have few legal patient rights.  From the American Hospital Association: A Patient’s Bill of Rights was first adopted by the American Hospital… Read More

What Are Your Rights As A Patient

Patient Rights Definition and Overview.    Patient rights are continually evolving and are linked to governmental agencies and their regulations. Failure to respect these patient rights may have severe penalties imposed on those individuals, businesses,… Read More

APRA’s Patient’s Bill Of Rights

The following is a list of patient rights that APRA proposes to be enacted into law in order to protect the health and financial well-being of all Americans. Patients shall have the right to:   … Read More

The ACA’s Patients’ Bill Of Rights

Patient’s Bill of Rights from the Affordable Care Act. by Michael Woods, MD, HCA. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. The act covers your relationship with insurers, health plans, and everyone… Read More